From what has been presented in the preceding pages, the following summary can serve as concluding remarks:

 ---Mushrooms can serve as food, as tonic, and as medicine. A regular intake of mushrooms can make you healthier, fitter, and happier. They can make you live longer, and always look younger.

---Mushrooms are biota characterized by wonder. They rise up from lignocellulosic wastes, yet they become so bountiful and nourishing.  

---Mushrooms are environmentally very friendly. They biosynthesise their own food from agricultural crop residues, which would otherwise cause health hazards. And their spent composts/substrates can be used as animal feed, biofertilizers and biogas.

 ---Mushrooms an serve as agents for promoting equitable economic growth in society. They are a unique group of fungi through which we can pilot a non-green revolution in less developed countries, and in the world at large. They demonstrate great potential for generating a great socio-economic impact in human welfare, at local, national and regional levels.

Therefore, the aims of the discipline of applied mushroom biology are to tackle the three basic problems:  shortage of food, diminishing quality of human health and pollution of the environment, which human beings still face, and will continue to face, due to the continued increase of the world population. On the other hand, it has been observed that over 70% of agricultural and of forest products have not been put to total productivity, and have been discarded as waste. Applied mushroom biology not only can convert these huge lignocellulosic biomass wastes into human food, but also can produce notable nutriceutical products, which have many health benefits. Another significant aspect of applied mushroom biology is using the biota in creating a pollution-free and beneficial environment.  These three components of applied mushroom biology are closely associated with three aspects of wellbeing – food shortage, human health and environmental pollution.  One of the most significant benefits of mushroom cultivation is their ability to create a pollution free and friendly environment


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