Mushrooms and Mushroom Biology

..........................mushrooms has been well known that the 20th century has been an explosive time for the accumulation of knowledge. Modern technology for human civilisation is expanding every day. However, human beings still face and will continue to face three basic problems: shortage of food; pollution of the environment; and diminishing quality of human health, due to the continued increase of the world population. The 20th century began with a world populated by 1.6 billion people and ended with 6 billion inhabitants-- with most of the growth occurring in the developing countries. The growing world population is increasing by about 80 million people per year. At the present, about 800 million people in the world are living in poverty. On the other hand, it has been observed that over 70 % of agricultural and of forest products has not been put to total productivity, and have been wasted in processing. Macrofungi (mushrooms) not only can convert these huge lignocellulosic biomass wastes into human food, but also can produce notable immune enhanced products, which have many health benefits. Another significant aspect of mushroom cultivation is using the biota in creating a pollution-free environment.




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