The Concept of Mushroom Biology 

The biological science that is concerned with fungi is called mycology. Mushroom biology is the branch of mycology that deals with mushrooms in many disciplines. When knowledge increases and areas of specialisation develop within the discipline, it is convenient to indicate that area of specialisation with a self-explanatory name. In biology, there are such specialisations as neurobiology, bacteriology, plant pathology, pomology, molecular biology, virology, fungal physiology, embryology, endocrinology, phycology, and entomology. These names indicate either a group of organisms (e.g., bacteria, algae, and insects) and /or an approach to the study (e.g., disease, development and physiology). Although several terms for this important branch of mycology that deals with mushroom have been used, and each of these has its merit, when we get down to the matter of definitions, it seems that there is a place for a new term. The new term is mushroom biology.  Mushroom biology is a new discipline concerned with any aspect of the scientific study of mushrooms, such as: taxonomy; physiology; genetics; etc. 

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